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Want free or low-cost health coverage?
Discover if the
Essential Plan is right for you.


        In cooperation with the                                       Backed by UnitedHealthcare®. 
Serviced by NYWPG, an authorized partner of New York State of Health. License #1348502.


Eligibility Requirements

New York Residents
No Employer Coverage
Over 19*
Personal income under $25,760**

*Age restrictions may vary based on immigration status

**Income requirements differ depending on immigration status and period of residency

Is this actually free?

Absolutely! As a plan subsidized by the New York State, the plan is available for free or at a very low cost. As long as the eligibility requirements are met, anyone can enjoy Essential Plan Benefits. 

Will this impact my immigration status?

"Applying for health insurance won't affect your immigration status or application for status. Your immigration status won't be shared with federal immigration authorities."

Directly quoted from the New York State Government website

For additional information from the New York State, please click below:

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Very easy to use website to finish the application process. I got my EP card in 2 weeks.  The plan has no monthly fees but its coverage is amazing! I went to clean my teeth and it was free!

Jojo Q.

NYU student, Class of 2021


NYWPG Partner’s customer service rep is super friendly and reliable. With the essential plan, I successfully waived my Fordham insurance.

Sounak G.

Fordham student, Class of 2022


Information from the NY State of Health

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